That is precisely what our RCMS Solution is all about. This solution is about giving you the BENEFITS of being a Fan in your Football Club.

Besides creating a fan or members’ community, a networking group of fans and creating the networking environment, our RCMS Solution HOLDS the club together.

What the Fan Club generally gets in our RCMS Solution?

  • A single automated platform that allows efficient collation of member information at your finger tips
  • Send automated messages to all or selected members – an email is also sent out to ensure your message doesn’t get lost
  • Monitor payments and follow up on non-paying members
  • Multi member administration and operation features

WHY The Club Needs this?

  • The RCMS solution allows automation in membership processing and administration.
  • Single Dashboard view for ease of approval and monitoring.
  • Allows the Club to FOCUS on other key matters- Marketing the Club, Inviting new members and Membership drive campaigns.
  • Promote the Club and its members to new merchants and onboarding new partners- to increase value of the membership offerings.
  • Facilitate subscription payments
  • To focus on potential revenue generating activities-including Market Place growth to members and filtered merchants to offer discounts and exclusive promotions.